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The Connecticut Conservation Officers Association, Inc. (CCOA) members are the officers of Connecticut State Environmental Conservation (EnCon) Police, Connecticut's oldest state enforcement service, established in 1895.

The CCOA is a fraternal organization formed to address the professional concerns of the EnCon Police officers and the public they serve.

Environmental law enforcement is comprised of a unique blend of police work and involvement in highly specialized areas that are not usually perceived as "cop work". These pages will share some of who we are and what we do.


Next CCOA meeting is at Cabelas, March 15th at 1830. Arrive early for a meal before the meeting.

The 2016 Spignesi Dinner date has been set. It will be Saturday April 16 at the Scotland Firehouse. Preparations are proceeding at full steam.

Any attendees interested in the DP12 shotgun drawing must comply with all relevant Connecticut laws and submit a signed waiver of liability.
As mentioned on the ticket - the requirements and waiver are downloadable here.

Any members collecting/receiving donations for the event that don't have the Donor Form may download it here. Please be sure to complete and submit so that we can properly credit our Supporters.

Please support our friends. Tell them you saw them here: OUR SUPPORTERS PAGE
Thank you!

Get your challenge coin at the next meeting!
Coffee mugs and hats are available at the meeting as well! Get yours while they last!

NOTICE: This site is designed, maintained, and contributed to by members of the CCOA, Inc., an independent fraternal organization and supporters. The members are sworn officers of the Connecticut DEEP Law Enforcement Division (EncCon Police Division) and/or retirees. Other than the fact most of the people involved with this site are employed by the DEEP as members of the Division, the state, agency and division are in no way responsible for the content, appearance, or execution of this web site, nor is any endorsement by either party implied.